What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when people come together with family and friends, but for many, this year will be different. Most people I ask say they are having a scaled-down version of the holiday in hopes that by Christmas, family gatherings will be safer.

2020 has been full of surprises, to put it mildly. Most people I talk with have been impacted in some way by the Coronavirus Conundrum. Corporate and personal families are taxed with trying to find a normal that fits. And oh, the isolation! For many, that is the hardest part of all.

In the midst of a nasty virus, businesses closing, and job losses in the millions around the world, it can be hard to find a reason to be thankful. We are forced to be alone with our thoughts, so why not turn those thoughts to the positive?

Back in April this year, I asked PMI employees, “What Are You Thankful for?” At the time, COVID was still pretty new, and we had been working remotely for a little more than a month. Topping the list of most responses was thankfulness for our firm and leadership. But more than that, the common thread was gratefulness for the people of Purdy-McGuire. We’re a family and are thankful for the ZOOM meetings and the other activities that keep us connected.

Below, see what employees and leaders are still thankful for some seven months later. These reasons to be thankful will be popping up throughout the holiday season here, as well as on our other social media channels. And enjoy the photos from our mini-retreat in October. It was a mask-wearing, socially-distanced event, and was loads of fun for all!

What are you thankful for?

  • … to work for such a wonderful firm as Purdy-McGuire, I love how we are treated not only as a valued employee but as FAMILY!!! And so thankful for such wonderful PARTNERS who took HARD times and turned them into POSITIVE times! – KF
  • … for God’s grace, my family and the ability to do a job that has provided for me since I was 18 years old.  I’ve been at this a long time and have learned from and met so many people that I respect and owe a lifetime of gratitude to. And I’m thankful for the “non-essential” workers who are keeping this country going while so many are jobless. – DW
  • For the transparency that the leadership has with us during these difficult times and keeping us up to date with profits and new projects on the horizon. – JG
  • For the country we live in and the efforts of everyone from all areas is making to keep us safe and get us through this as soon as possible, especially medical professionals and other essential workers. CW
  • I’m thankful that I can work from home, that we HAVE work, …and that we have some flexibility. And I’m thankful I can “go to church” online; I’m thankful I have all I need. JL
  • I’m thankful that our leadership and company lead the way in helping us do our part to keep folks healthy. And I’m thankful for Hope beyond physical illness….BS
  • I’m thankful for time that I would have never gotten to spend with (sons) Caldyr and Breckyn, and for more family time in the evenings. And I’m definitely thankful for no commute! LP
  • I’m thankful for the way everyone in the office has attacked this Coronavirus challenge and coming up with new creative ideas to look out for the total health of the company. And, even though my two college kids stay up and make noise well past 2:30 am every night, exponentially increase our food budget, and totally ignore social distancing guidelines – I am so thankful to spend a couple more months with my adult boys that I thought would not happen again. DT
  • Walks outside on break are awesome, and I have more time with my wife and dog. Plus the bathroom is 10 steps away from my desk! – BI
  • I have a newfound thankfulness for the following: iPads and kids apps; the “touch-up” filter on Zoom (it’t a real thing…); grocery delivery/pickup, and finally, Texas’ amazing decision to allow alcoholic drinks to be included in take-out.! CB
  • Thankful for being part of a group and family that thinks about and helps others.
  • I’m thankful for all of the PMI family and the principals that have the foresight to make the right decisions to protect the company and us. – DR
  • The fact that working from home allows my day to be a little flexible.  I can enjoy a relaxing morning cup of coffee or a quick walk around the block if I’d like. And I’m thankful PMI let us take our larger screens and other gadgets home because it sure does make me much more efficient! – KS
  • That I have a job and a paycheck to go with it; that I can do my job from home; that I have a home to work from! – RH