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Sandi Danna – A Fond Fare Well

Sandi Danna – A Fond Fare Well

When I landed at Purdy-McGuire in 2010, Sandi Danna was one of the first people I met. In many ways, she’s the kind of woman I want to be if I ever decide to grow up. Her tenure here is longer than the age of many reading this post, yet I have found her to be eternally young at heart! She has been a teacher and a student, the company’s historian, a sister to many, and a trusted adviser for many others. She has been the face of our Accounting/Contracts Administration for many years, and has worked with our clients displaying what I call “professional grace.” I so admire her love for capturing history with her camera lens, along with all the beauty it includes. Surely PMI won’t be the same without her, but it’s time for her to turn the page and enter the next chapter of her life. So here’s to Sandi Danna – never to be forgotten at Purdy-McGuire. Below is some information about Sandi in her own words. Enjoy! (rhh)

How did I arrive at Purdy-McGuire? On October 13, 1969, Snelling and Snelling (used to be a huge staffing company) sent me to a place called Ratliff-Purdy-McGuire. Dianne Fletcher hired me to be her assistant, typing specifications and answering ALL THREE telephone lines!! Thank goodness I graduated from those duties to processing contract administration on all of our projects.  I truly love the aspect of providing service to our clients. Most of the young people may think that the present construction boom in the DFW area is exciting but the construction in the 1980’s in Dallas was AWESOME! So much of the downtown Dallas skyline was developed during this timeframe and Purdy-McGuire was a huge player on that field.  I’ve always pridefully boasted of being a participant in this great organization with a superior reputation!

What have the past 47.5 years meant to me? It has meant a supportive family and friendship thru joys, celebrations, rewards, and sorrows. This has been a wonderful environment to both work hard and play hard.

What will I miss most in leaving Purdy-McGuire? Besides the interaction with the people I will no longer be the “historian” or “photographer”.  So many of the photographs that I have taken throughout the years at company events continue to pop up in slide shows sometimes to the embarrassment of the photo subject. (Don’t worry, Sandi; I’ve got your back-rhh)

How did I meet my husband?I met John B. Danna, Jr. (my second husband) at a party. We literally bumped into each other and started up a conversation.  He knew where I worked and said “put the coffee pot on and I’ll be by on Monday morning for a cup”.  And as they say….”the rest is history”!  We dated 5 years before I convinced or coerced him to marry me.  We were married 33 years before he passed away September, 2015. Since John was an Architect following in his dad’s footsteps it was great to be able to “talk shop” at the end of each day and understand what the other person’s workday was all about. These A/E people are a breed all of their own! John and I just “clicked on all cylinders” and enjoyed our married life whether traveling the world or sitting on the patio at our small ranch in Palo Pinto County watching the sunset.

Family? I have one son Michael Martin, and John has three children with spouses Jeff Danna (Karla), Paul Danna (Linnea), and Tricia Johnson (Doug). Between us we have 10 grandchildren and have enjoyed being a participant in their lives into young adulthood watching them enjoy their college years and then choosing a myriad of careers.

Hobbies? Besides the expensive hobby of traveling I enjoy creating greeting cards and invitations from all forms of paper and embellishments as well as with the photographs that I have taken. Perhaps after a two-year hiatus I will now have time to regenerate some creativity.

Favorite trips? That’s a difficult question as I genuinely love every place I’ve ever been. A 3-week photo safari in South Africa is definitely at the top of the list!  My husband and I enjoyed salmon fishing in Alaska.

What will I do after retirement? I already have a trip planned at the end of May to Prague in conjunction with a riverboat cruise on the Danube. I am also looking forward to having a leisurely paced lunch with Dianne Fletcher and not having to be concerned with rushing back to the office or violating office rules with a glass of wine at lunch!