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Employee Spotlight – Zach Bennett

Employee Spotlight – Zach Bennett

In 2019, we added three people to our family. Zach was the last to start, but he’s the first to be featured. I thought his dogs were huge, given the names they have – picture an Australian Shepherd or Husky. Zach says they’re “fun-sized” and from their pics, he’s absolutely right. Here are a few things about Zach that he’d like to share in his own words:

  • I was born at Medical City Dallas and went to Jesuit High School where I was a captain on the robotics team and played rugby
  • I graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University
  • For my Senior Capstone class, I designed and built a fully functional wind and solar emergency generator
  • I grew up with love and appreciation for music so I taught myself how modern producers make music using only their laptops and I now have a couple of songs on SoundCloud with thousands of plays.
  • I try to work out every day and love skateboard and longboard when I have free time
  • You can find me at any electronic, R&B, or rap concert
  • My parents are Andrew and Lynnette Bennett. My dad is an architect and gave me my love of music and design. My mom is a physical therapist and a small business owner
  • I have one younger sister, Hannah. She recently finished her first year at Saint Louis University and plans to study abroad in Spain next semester
  • I have two dogs, Koa and Makai, who I love to take to the dog park and throw the frisbee