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Employee Spotlight – Mariah Rice

Employee Spotlight – Mariah Rice

Mariah holds a very specialized position here at Purdy-McGuire. She is our Revit Coordinator, and works

  1. I was born and raised in Greenville, Texas and still live there today. Family is the most important thing to me, and that’s why last year I moved from Garland back to Greenville.
  2. I’m the first person on my dad’s side to graduate from high school.
  3. My name came from a song in a famous Broadway musical (Paint Your Wagon) called “They Call the Wind Mariah” by Harve Presnell. It was later made into a movie with Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg.
  4. By age 10 I had won four blue ribbons at the County Fair for my charcoal drawings.  I took drawing lessons until middle school.
  5. Flew on my first plane at age 10 to Grand Forks North Dakota to visit my uncle who was stationed there for the US Air Force. Swam in the coldest lake ever.
  6. My middle name, “Dale,” has been passed down 5 generations on my dad’s side.  It’s also the middle name of my daughter, Maci.
  7. During High school I was an officer for Future Farmers of America and showed animals (sheep and steer).
  8. When I was 17 I started working at Raytheon in their engineering department.  My first project was the airplane for the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Woman were not allowed on the plane without a male escort. Everything on that plane was 14K gold even the screws for the seats.
  9. I’m a huge history buff.  I plan our vacations around historic places.
  10. I have dyslexia and it’s very hereditary – my dad, grandmother, nephew and both of my children have it. I wasn’t tested for it until my senior year in high school, so I’ve had no formal training.  I struggle with it every day but I’ve found reading now is very easy.
  11. Never read a book until 2012.  In 2014 I read 374 books with 300 pages or more.  I always have three books going. 1 audible, 1 hard back, and 1 Kindle.  I always have to finish the book … even it’s really bad…