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Employee Spotlight – Debbie Richardson

Employee Spotlight – Debbie Richardson

For October, we’re featuring Debbie Richardson. Debbie is quietly efficient at her job. She works with two other ladies to make sure invoices are sent, bills are paid, employees are paid, and so much more. Those three ladies generate a lot of work with their lean staff. Stay tuned…both of the other two ladies will be featured in future employee spotlights. So for now, here’s Debbie – in her own words!

  1. I was born in Durant, Oklahoma. I lived there until 2001 when I swam across the border into Texas.  Only problem is that the cord attached to my ankle was actually a bungee cord!
  2. I have two children and one and a half grandbabies.  Kara (who everyone at the office knows quite well…) and Beckham Grey (due in January).
  3. My first vehicle was a bright red tractor.
  4. Being the only child and a girl, I grew up helping my dad on the farm, which included vaccinating cows and ear piercing. Ouch!
  5. I love the beach and warm sun.  I’ve always said I would to retire to Mexico and live for (what they used to say was) $14 a day.
  6. I love to oil paint, which I haven’t done a while.
  7. I like to ride motorcycles, read, and travel, and hope to do more of all in the future!
  8. I commute four hours a day to and from to work. See? I told you the cord was a bungee cord…
  9. Remodeling houses is apparently another thing I like to do, since I’m working on two right now.
  10. And I’m still HOMELESS!
Debbie - Kara! compressedDebbie cute picDebbie - cows