PMI Culture

Intern Appreciation Day - Manhattan, KS

Factory Six03 Tour and Lunch

Legacy Hall Happy Hour

Form Follows Fitness 2018

"N-Tear-Eyors (Interiors)"
"The Order of the Phoenix Valves"

Ping Pong Tourneys – 2018

At Purdy-McGuire, we do believe in having fun. Our engineers, designers, and support staff work nonstop – pushing toward client deadlines. So when it’s time to exhale, we make sure we do that. Our office is multigenerational, and employee tenures range from less than one year to over 30 years.

Halloween is a special time in our office. We invite clients to be “celebrity” judges, and everyone has a great time. Employees and their children typically dress up for the office celebration! Of course, there’s always food. We have food for every occasion. Seems like every time you enter out break room, there’s food on the counter, inviting everyone to partake.

Also, you can get to know some of our family members by visiting our blog archives!