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Employee Spotlight – Caroline Kabus

Employee Spotlight – Caroline Kabus

Caroline Kabus is a new PMI family member this year. She recently graduated from K-State, but she has already likely logged hundreds of hours after working in our internship program at K-State for three years. In fact, she served here in our office in Dallas last summer – and couldn’t wait to come back! Well, welcome to Texas, Caroline. So glad you’re here!  See below for a few nuggets Caroline decided to share about herself. Enjoy!

1. I graduated in May 2017 from Kansas State University’s Architectural Engineering Program. I am a 5th generation woman in my family to attend K-State on my mother’s side. The picture to the left shows me with another new Purdy-McGuire employee from K-State – Bridger Schwasinger.

2. I grew up in Topeka, Kansas and my parents are John and Kaye Kabus. I lived on what I lovingly, and a little sarcastically, refer to as the “hobby farm”. We grew pumpkins as a 4-H project and to earn college money. My parents still live there, and if you are ever in Topeka in October, my brother will gladly sell you a pumpkin from the front yard stand. I was in 4-H for 10 years and earned the Key Award – the highest honor you can get as a Kansas 4-Her.

3. Aside from a couple of cousins, no one else in my family is an engineer. My parents wonder where I got my love for math. My father worked as the county noxious weed director and now is an insurance agent, and my mother is the food service director for the school district I grew up in. My younger brother, Conrad, is about to start his senior year at K-State as a food science major. My other brother, Carter, will be a senior in high school this fall. The picture on the right shows my mom and me with the K-State mascot, Willie.

4. I first got excited about construction in high school where I took drafting and building classes that partnered with Habitat for Humanity. Each year, students in that class build a home in two halves in the back parking lot at Seaman High School, to be trucked to its final site after we were done. I purposely took the class twice and gained amazing life skills and patience. Plus I just loved using the nail gun.

5. I was a member of the golf team throughout high school. I still very much enjoy the game, and can usually hold my own, but don’t expect too much if you need good scramble partner! I was on JV for all four years.

6. I am only a little ashamed to admit that the Introduction to Wine class was my favorite college course. It had the best homework. That favorite is closely followed by Introduction to Golf and Fred’s Senior Project.

7. I am a big fan of tours and I especially love construction tours. One of my first and favorite tours was of the new the West Addition to Bill Snyder Family Stadium as a freshman in college. I have also taken construction tours of the KSU Business Building, KSU Engineering Building Expansion, KSU Architecture Building Expansion, State of Kansas Capital Building in Topeka, Cerner’s new campus in Kansas City and the new Toyota Headquarters in Plano. However, I am not exclusive to construction tours, some of my other favorite tour experiences have been the KSU Institute for Environmental Research Thermal testing labs (which helped develop the ASHRAE Standard 55 for Thermal Comfort), the Cook Fan manufacturing plant tour in Springfield, MO, and the H.E. Williams lighting manufacturing plant tour in Carthage, MO. That’s Karis and I in a mechanical room on the Toyota campus.

8. I am a member of Tau Beta Pi. TBP is a national honor society that does community service and initiates top engineering students into lifetime membership. Honestly, I did not want to join at first, but I am glad that I did. One of my favorite college memories is whitewashing the “KS” hill letters. TBP was one of those college student groups where your best friends coerce you into being the next officer. The ArchEs had a 6+ year streak at having one of their own in the President’s office. Now I am out of college and would have already long forgotten about the group, if it didn’t have such a positive impact on my life. I really appreciate the connections I have through TBP. Our own Kristin is a past TBP President, and past interns that were TBP Presidents include Jacob L and Emily G. However sadly, my presidential legacy will be tainted. I am responsible for breaking the ArchE streak and allowing an Industrial Engineering major to be elected to the office of president after me. But don’t worry, I am keeping close tabs on him, we started dating this past March.

9. I’ll always be a K-State fan and will think of myself originally as a Kansan deep down. However, I love the sun and the heat. I am so happy to have moved to the warmth of Texas.

10. I have worked as a pool concessions and admissions manager, calculus tutor, K-State Architectural Engineering and Construction Science orientation teaching assistant, undergraduate researcher, intern in St. Louis for Ross & Baruzzini, and intern with Purdy-McGuire in Manhattan, Kansas and in Dallas. I cherish all the experiences that got me to this point, and I am glad to continue my favorite one here at Purdy-McGuire full time.