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Employee Spotlight – Joseph Guerra

Employee Spotlight – Joseph Guerra

We’ve got some ‘new kids on the block’ and they’re all great! Joseph graduated from UTA this year, and we’re glad he chose to work with the PMI family. Below are a few things Joseph wants to share with us. Welcome aboard, Joe! No matter what you say, we’ll be looking for some great dish(es) from you come potluck time…

I was born and raised in Dallas. I am a first-generation American as well as the first to earn a college degree on my mom’s side of the family, which is from Mexico.

I have two brothers and two sisters who, hopefully, will follow my footsteps.

I grew up playing baseball, which was a paramount passion of mine from adolescence to high school. This sport has significant meaning in my life since it’s what bonded a strong father-son relationship between my stepdad and me. I still play recreationally during the summer months (don’t ask about my hitting skills, I’ve been swinging and missing a lot lately).

Another sport I recently picked up is golf; I’m new to it, so don’t ask me about my golf swing either – most of the time, the ball ends up on the other fairway or in the woods. I enjoy golfing most when I’m playing with my dad – we enjoy the quality time.

I started taking Salsa dance lessons about a year and a half ago; this has been one of my favorite hobbies and I have no intention of stopping – I love it. If you ever see me at my desk with my hips moving, it’s a safe bet that I’m listening to some salsa music. You should spice up your life and try it sometime.

During the 2016 summer, I had the privilege of studying abroad in Paris, France. I took a French language course and grew to absolutely love and embrace their culture. The Parisian motto is “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur,” which, in Latin, means “She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink;” that’s definitely my favorite. During my time abroad, I was also able to see Versailles, Rome, Venice, and Barcelona. My time in Europe definitely ignited wanderlust within me! Careful when sparking a relative conversation cause I might not shut up about it.

I’ve worked numerous jobs since the age of 16, including Braum’s, Champs Sports, Best Buy, STEM tutor, a produce warehouse, and an aerospace internship. I saved the best for last, Purdy-McGuire! Super happy to be here and thankful for the opportunity the company has extended to me. Everyone at work is great, they constantly feed me, answer all of my questions (probably in the thousands by now), and they encourage each other; can’t wait to reflect in a few years.

I’m a sucker for live music. Much of the office already knows me as an avid concert goer with a wide range of music choices. You’ll find me at a show almost every month.

I’m also a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants, which is an expensive recreation. Don’t ever ask me what my favorite restaurant is because I’ll probably break my brain trying to decide.

Spending time outdoors is another thing I love to do. During the summer months, I like to go to the lake with family and take a cruise on my dad’s pontoon boat. Other favored activities include hiking, kayaking, jogging, sand volleyball, etc.

Currently learning how to cook and be self-sufficient now that I’m living on my own; I enjoy it. I come from a family with MEAN cooking skills. So, who would I be if I didn’t develop the ability to throw down in the kitchen as well? I’m still practicing, so don’t expect any homemade potluck contributions anytime soon.