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Moving the Needle … Camille Barton

When I started at TCU in 2003, being the Chief Executive Officer of a nearly 60-year-old company wasn’t really on my radar. But ten years later with hard work and some good timing, here I am – excited, determined, focused, nervous but always ready. Ready to perpetuate the Purdy-McGuire legacy for providing exceptional service to our clients and our employees.  I look forward to continuing to work with our clients and business owners to ensure that their MEP design expectations are met and exceeded.

I look forward every day to addressing the needs of our employees – all while learning and growing with them.  This is an ever-changing industry, and Purdy-McGuire will change and grow and morph as needed to continue to serve our PMI family.  Every employee is charged with ensuring that our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded. But make no mistake: ultimate responsibility for client satisfaction and employee delight rests with me.  A task that I do not take lightly — to say the least.

As you’ve heard from Kip, Dan, and Scott through the blog, at our annual retreat, we explored ways we all can provide better service to external and internal clients. With a new year just starting, we want to feel the pulse of our clients and make sure we’re on the right track. So we’ll be reaching out in various ways to ask a simple question – “How can we move YOUR needle?”  I am here to serve — in every way, shape, or form that I can.

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