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Ping Pong Tournaments

He Finally Won The Trophy!

This year, 2018, we refreshed out space a bit. Part of that refreshment is a ping pong table, and that table has gotten lots of use – starting with our own version of “March Madness.” Most Fridays, we have ping pong tournaments like you’ve never heard of before. For example, here are the rules for the tournament a few weeks ago:

Hit a Nerf ball

Play sitting in chairs

Use pizza boxes for paddles

Use a book of your choice for a paddle

Place 4 obstacles of your choice on your side (no bigger than a TI-84)

Play on your knees

Choose anything from your own desk (except a ping pong paddle) for your paddle

Kip’s choice

Play with your opposite Hand

Play with two paddles (no backhands)

Hand weight (on paddle hand)

Place 6 ping pong balls with the pennies on your side